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Pigmenti Aditivi Oprema Automatika

ISO 9001

Company PINKY-S Ltd. introduced the quality management system to achieve the highest possible level of quality services and products.

- Distribution of pigments
- Manufacture of paints and coatings based on water
- Consulting for pigments
- Manufacture of suspension and dispersion of pigments
- Designing, production and servicing of special purpose machines in the concrete industry.

The aim of the organization is in greater extent possible monitor the development of technology in our activities in cooperation with our customer’s constantly increasing level of product quality.

The goal of all employees is to be support of achieving the objectives of the organization and fully understand the requirements of our customers and partners.

In achieving the objectives:

- Guided with customer needs
- Include all interested
- Maintain the technical cooperation and partnerships with customers and supplier
- Develop a honest, cultured and fair access to business partners
- Develop responsibility, accuracy and timeliness
- Strive for continuous improvement, improvement and development
- Strive to achieve a quality work environment and employee satisfaction
- Encourage the principle of management

Quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001 standards we will held with the assistance of authorized, internationally recognized, certified and neutral institution.


ISO 14001

PINKY-S Ltd. is required to protect the environment in the locations where carries out its activities of production, packaging and storage, or provides services appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impact of their own activities or services.

As an organization aware of environmental pledge:

- Apply the processes and control technology to reduce pollution to the extent possible
- To meet applicable legal requirements and the contract claim, and set internal standards and requirements when necessary
- Continuously improve and hinder pollution
- When it is appropriate to implement the corrective actions that have proven effective
- Seek to constantly improve the environmental management system
- Follow the requirements of laws and regulations related to the process

Environmental management system is based on standard ISO 14001:2004. Built environmental management system will be held with the authorized assistance, internationally recognized, certified and neutral institution.

Management of company fully supports the policy and objectives of environment.

It is the duty of every company employee to apply the procedures related to their field of work.